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ARZA Canada:

Strengthening ties of Reform Jews to Israel

ARZA Canada:

Strengthening ties of Reform Jews to Israel

ARZA Canada:

Strengthening ties of Reform Jews to Israel

ARZA Canada is affiliated with the Reform Jewish Community of Canada and the Union for Reform Judaism North America.

With over 8,400 members, our mandate is to connect with Reform communities throughout Canada, foster connections with and strengthen our ties to the Reform Movement in Israel, and work to realize the vision of Reform Zionism.

North American Reform Jews sing Hatikvah for Israel’s 75th Birthday
Lee Weisser
Lee Weisser
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Sharing the Burden

A key principle in Israeli society is the concept of “sharing the burden” – that all Israelis should contribute to the well-being and defence of the country.

The Israeli Reform Movement’s Religious Action Center (IRAC), a leading human rights organization, recently petitioned the Supreme Court to uphold the principle of sharing the burden on two different matters.

Military service

As a result of the war, the government is planning to extend mandatory service for regular army and reserve soldiers, and to accelerate the draft of young Israelis currently in mechina (gap year) programs. However, the government is not intending to make any change to the military exemption for Haredim.


Haredim protest the draft of yeshiva students

IRAC is protesting this discrimination.  The Chief of Staff (Herzi Halevi) and many Knesset members also criticized this plan.  This Hartman Institute podcast discusses the issue in the context of the dynamics of Haredi society.


Religious and secular soldiers celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat before entering Gaza

Allocation of government funds

Only a few weeks ago, IRAC filed a petition with the Supreme Court to protest the allocation of 74 million shekels of additional funding to schools that don’t teach core curriculum topics such as math, science and English.  Graduates of these schools are unqualified to go to university and ill-equipped for many types of employment.

Our Reform values include the creation of a fair and just society.

Everyone in Israel should “share the burden”.

The Israel Reform Movement works to bring

equality and inclusion to Israeli society.


ARZA Canada is a partner in fulfilling this vision.

 Let’s work for a better future for all Israelis.

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Lee Weisser

ARZA Canada President


Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Sunday March 3 – 11 am Pacific/2 pm Eastern

Kolot Mayim, Victoria


Rabbi Dr. Nachshon Siritsky will speak on "Our Evolving Understanding of G!d and Gender". Rabbi Siritsky is the spiritual leader of the Reform Jewish Community of Atlantic Canada, serving Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador. They identify as transgender and nonbinary. Their talk will explore insights into the evolving perceptions of divinity and gender within the Jewish context.  You can register here for this free Zoom lecture. A recording of the talk will be provided to all who register.

This talk is  sponsored by Kolot Mayim Reform Temple in Victoria BC and co-sponsored with the Reform Jewish Community of Atlantic Canada Building Bridges is supported by the Jewish Federation of Victoria and Vancouver Island.

Register here.

Thursday March 7 – 7:30 pm Eastern, Temple Har Zion, Toronto

Iran, Israel, Canada and the Rise of Anti-Semitism

A special in-person event, with featured speakers:

Mark Dubowitz, CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a nonpartisan policy institute based in Washington, D.C. He is widely recognized as one of the key influencers in shaping policies to counter threats from the Iran regime and has advised the Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden administrations. His insights, especially from his book "Palestinian Pulse: What Policymakers Can Learn from Palestinian Social Media”, will provide valuable perspectives.

Noah Shack, Vice President of the Countering Antisemitism and Hate Department at UJA with close to 15 years dedicated to advocacy with the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). He brings a wealth of experience and is an expert in government relations, political research, and communications, including being an expert witness before parliamentary committees, and serving as a spokesperson for UJA.

Melissa Lantsman, Member of Parliament for Thornhill. Melissa was elected in the 2021 Canadian federal election and has been a strong voice combatting antisemitism.

RSVP in advance:

THZ Members $20 | Community Guests $30 | Young Adults (under 25) FREE

Proceeds will go to Kehilat YOZMA, in Modi'in, Israel. This synagogue is supporting the residents of Kibbutz Nir Oz, which lost 25% of its members on October 7.

Volunteer Mission to Israel – March 11-17


The mission begins the afternoon of March 12 in Jerusalem and concludes the morning of March 17. Join us to volunteer in agriculture, food packing, giving blood, visiting evacuees and survivors, learning Torah, meeting peace activists, and being a witness and support where needed.

5 nights in Jerusalem.

All the details, itinerary and price are here:

Questions? Speak to Edward at 1-800-237-1517 x336

Israel Dialogues - Holy Blossom Temple and ARZA Canada


Thursday March 14 @ 12 pm

Expert Panelist: Yaron Shavit

Thursday March 21 @ 12 pm

Expert Panelist: Michael Koplow

Register here


Miriam Pearlman


Miriam Pearlman, immediate past president of ARZA Canada, discusses the impact of Israel’s new government with fellow leaders in a Canadian Jewish News Daily podcast:

Arza Canada Privacy Policy

The Privacy Commission of Canada states the following:

Non-profit organizations are not subject to the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) when they do not engage in commercial activities.

The following activities are not considered commercial and are not subject to PIPEDA:

  • collecting membership fees
  • compiling a list of members’ names and addresses/email addresses
  • mailing out newsletters

As you know, ARZA Canada represents Canadian Reform Zionists with members in all of Canada’s Reform congregations. Though independent of the sister organization, ARZA, in the United States, it is an affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) and Reform Jewish Community of Canada (RJCC). We are writing to address how ARZA Canada maintains its membership records, and in particular its commitment to the privacy of our members.

Accurate membership records are important to the entire Reform Jewish Community of Canada given that the size of our membership determines our influence on Zionist policies in Canada and in Israel. ARZA Canada members come through congregational solicitation and activism, and so annually it is provided lists of its members from Canadian Reform congregations such as yours in order to confirm individual memberships. This is deeply appreciated.

ARZA Canada has strong privacy practices to ensure the confidentiality of this membership information. It is used by ARZA Canada to communicate with our members and engage them in the activities of ARZA Canada, including joint programs with RJCC and our congregations.

For more please click here.

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Lee Weisser


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Miriam Pearlman

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